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Our Team

Get to know our talented team of teenagers from around the world!


Kaajal Gupta

Founder and CTO

A 17-year-old from Bangalore, India. Her own struggles with OCD inspired her to create this app. She is keen in exploring the intersection of technology and mental health. In her free time, she enjoys listening to the musical Hamilton.

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Aayushi Tuli

Aayushi is a promising 17-year-old student from Delhi NCR, India, who has a passion for constant acquisition of knowledge and gaining new experiences.

 She also holds a junior diploma in dance and one in french too.

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Amrusha Muralidharan

Co-Chief Operating Officer

Amrusha is an 18-year-old from Chennai, India; Her school's basketball court has been her second home since the age of 11. She loves everything related to Economics. Her stress-busters include writing poetry, playing with her dogs and listening to La Vie En Rose.

Shreenidhi Photo.jpg

Chief Financial Officer

Shreenidhi Rajagopalan is a 17-year-old writer and spoken word artist from Chennai, India. She intends to major in Economics and Computer Science from the school of Interwoven Arts and Science, Krea University

Chief Executive Officer

Shreenidhi Rajagopalan

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Avi Deep

Chief Design Officer

Avi has been invested in art since a young age. His interests include graphic design and illustration, and he hopes to gain more experience and learn more in the next few years. He particularly enjoys drawing endearing characters and nature-inspired work.


Rohini Sarkar

Chief Design Officer

Rohini is a 15-year-old student based in Bangalore, India; She’s spent much of her time contributing to school art exhibitions, designing school magazines, and illustrating for apps and websites. She shares her work through her Instagram account.

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Aileen Luo

Chief Social Officer

Aileen is a 16 year old student based in Boston, USA. She is passionate about mental health awareness and using social media for social justice. She hopes to one day combine her interests in economics, psychology, biology to bring about positive change to society, and she is always keen on learning new things


Manasa Sriram

Chief Social Officer

An 18 year old from Chennai, Manasa Sriram is a freshman at Ashoka University. Extraverted and dynamic, she is a passionate writer and a creative artiste. She envisions to break the stigmas and barriers in the society to bring about a change. She combines her interest in psychology and political science to analyze and understand people and the society at large. 

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Michelle Menezes

Co-Chief Operating Officer

Michelle is a vivacious 15 year old from Bangalore, India. She is extroverted by nature and is currently the youngest member of Liberate. She spends her free time playing badminton and the electric guitar.

Jose Photo.JPG

Jose Rodriguez


Jose is an 18 year old energetic extrovert with a passion for graphic and interface design. He has graduated from National Public School, Bangalore and currently he is a fresher at MIT Institute of Design , Pune . He is creative, innovative and always open to learning. Primarily he designs logos for companies and illustrations for web pages

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Anoushka Das

Social Media Manager and Content Creator

Anoushka is a 17 year old who loves art, fashion and dance. She is a hardcore activist and likes to lend a hand whenever she can. She loves being able to work on different social media platforms and spread awareness about important issues through combining her passion for art, content writing and activism.


Tushar Chenan

Web Developer

Tushar Chenan currently studies in the 11th grade at NPS HSR. He has been coding for as long as he can remember with Python being his first language. Tushar has gained immense experience by participating in several hackathons and code wars.

Zeynep Çimir


Zeynep is 16 years old & lives in Istanbul (Turkey). Drawing has been a hobby since the age of one. Creates realistic art, semi-realistic illustrations and animations. 

Ayushi Shah


Ayushi is a sophomore at Pratt Institute, studying Industrial Design. She finished her high school in Bangalore, from National Public School. For the app, she helped with the user interface design and some part of the digital art.

Sanjana Bakre


Visual artist, not bound by a specific theme or medium. Prospective illustrator. Currently studying in The International School Bangalore.


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Elizabeth Cumberworth

Currently just a hobby artist trying to make art a full time career. When she is not drawing, you can find her spending time with her family or working a full-time job to ensure her dreams become a reality


Manasi Narula

Content Writer and Editor

Manasi Narula is a vivacious sixteen year old who enjoys life and all it has to offer. She enjoys doodling, learning languages, and meeting people. Manasi believes that this app is bound to help millions. She helped Kaajal decide on layouts and contributed to write-ups and descriptions for this app.

Roger Photo.jpg

Roger Chen

Blog Manager

Roger is a 17 year old student from Sydney, Australia. His interests include playing the piano, and watching/playing football and tennis. He has spent much of his time in school working to raise awareness of various social justice issues within the student community. He is someone who loves to learn, whether it is about natural sciences, mental health or politics. 

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Anshuman Mishra

Legal Liaison Officer

Anshuman is a law student of National Law University, Visakhapatnam and a poet. Poetry came in while he was trying to deal with anxiety and Anger issues. He loves to travel. He always tries to find a positive side of every negative incident. 'Music and food are a must to life' that's his way to life. 

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