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Set up a Club!

Start a chapter on anxiety and OCD awareness in your school, college or community now by becoming a student ambassador!

The Student Ambassador Program (SAP) is a meaningful way for you to be involved with Liberate and work with our team, develop your skills, and is a great touch to your resume. As a Student Ambassador, you aren't a volunteer, but the face of Liberate in your school or college!


The requirements for participating in SAP are as follows:

  1. The student must be studying at an accredited high school or university. 

  2. The student must guarantee a one-year commitment to be certified as a Student Ambassador. 


Obligatory duties of a Student Ambassador:

  1. Starting a Liberate Club/chapter in your school (we will send you the material necessary for you to gain permission from your school), we suggest you meet with your peers during lunch/ after school hours at least once a week. 

  2. Doing any one activity for Liberate once every two months. This can be anything from:

    1. A fundraiser for mental health organizations, hospitals, research on anxiety/OCD/other anxiety disorders, etc.

    2. An event for people with OCD

    3. A mental health screening event

    4. Hosting speakers who can describe the impact of mental health on their lives

    5. Hold a spoken word event in your community with the topic ‘Mental Health’

    6. Hosting a talent show on the topic ‘Mental Health’

    7. Promoting the app to people with OCD

    8. Getting a newspaper/magazine/blog to cover Liberate (contact Kaajal if an interview is needed)

    9. An educational session on OCD

    10. Hosting a mental health festival in your school/community

    11. Holding a mental wellness week in your school, with a new activity for each day (if you want to do this, get in touch with us as soon as possible to plan out the events for each day).

    12. Advocate for and introduce mental health-friendly legislation in your district

    13. An event to get people to install Liberate: My OCD Fighter and a tutorial session on the different aspects of the app

    14. Hosting competitions in your school centered around mental health, such as design contests, hackathons or trivia quizzes.

    15. Anything else that promotes awareness of Liberate or helps in our growth! We implore you to brainstorm and come up with your own ideas and can't wait to see them in action! :)

  3. Submitting a monthly report to kaajal@myocdfighter.com on the activity you undertook, with any ideas/feedback/suggestions. 

  4. A minimum of one member is required to form a Liberate club--one person is always required to start a movement! Putting up posters, giving a session on the club's activities: these are vital activities carried out by our first student ambassador in a school. However, all clubs must try to reach a target of 6 members within the first month. 

  5. Promoting our Liberate app amongst your family members, peers, etc. and to those who have OCD. 

  6. Carrying our name gracefully. We are an organization that strives to be a safe place and a viable resource for those with the disorder. We also expect you to come up with ideas, be empathetic and a team player and give us updates when needed. Remember, you're the face of Liberate and with great power comes great responsibility. So we hope you work hard to help us be an incredible international organization. 


Lastly, please note:

  1. You must inform us at the start of each month what activity you are planning to do and if anything is required beforehand from our side. 

  2. You must hold at least one activity per month. A report must also be submitted on the same by the month-end. 

  3. Any costs that you may incur while setting up these activities (renting a hall, buying materials, printing posters, renting equipment, buying prizes, etc.) will be handled by Liberate. You will need to send us the receipt of what you bought so that we may reimburse you. Be sure to discuss these costs with our team before you move forward with them.

  4. During summer break, you will continue carrying out your duties as a Student Ambassador, but within your own community.

  5. Only if you are able to perform all the duties of a Student Ambassador (listed above) shall you receive a certificate at the end of the year.

  6. If you are found involved in any speech or action that damages the name or reputation of Liberate your work with us will be terminated immediately. 


Lastly, why Liberate?

We are an organization dedicated to our cause, inspired by the story of our founder and CEO Kaajal who battles OCD herself. We are also a student-led organization and we believe we can make a difference in this world. As an ambassador of Liberate, you will learn many intangible skills (including but not limited to public speaking, teamwork, time management, etc.) but also specific skills (working with special people, graphic design and art, coding and translations, etc.). You will make contact with our talented team who are more than happy to work with you. You will also receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation (LinkedIn recommendations are also given) at the end of your one year of working with us. 



Kaajal Gupta (CEO) : kaajal@myocdfighter.com

+91 78996 85454

Information: help@myocdfighter.com


We look forward to working with you :)