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What Do I Do?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

A poem by Aarthy Iyengar

When difficulty blocks my shades,

disabling me to ahead of me look.

Oh! What do I do?

With basil, salt and tomatoes, I cook.

When life is full of struggles,

with no choice, no chance.

Oh! What do I do?

I up the volume of my song and dance.

When sadness chokes the throat,

like a big tablet tries to cling.

Oh! What do I do?

Loudly my heart-out I sing.

When the path I walk on,

locks around the feet with emotional hurdles.

Oh! What do I do?

Go to the pet and treat myself with cuddles.

When life shocks me,

beyond my capacity, so I faint.

Oh! What do I do?

Take to creativity, with brushes I paint.

When life's foggy,

these are my ways to cope.

Therapy of my own!

When roads end, with no visible scope.

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