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Time heals

Separation can be tough, shifting to a new home or moving to a new city for higher education or even moving away from a friend because you both chose different streams. Nonetheless, it's the belief that everything happens for a good reason that makes one hopeful. Change and loss in a situation of a pandemic can be brutal but believe me, time heals all void created by the separation or loss or distance, it is just about hanging in there until then.

Change can be hard,

So hard that everything seems bleak

But trust me time heals,

All wounds!

Change can be hard,

I brought off my yellow pot,

Of lovely jade,

Apart from its old friends

The shade and calm.

All sad and lonely

Leaves of it dried off!

As rain lashed and the sun blazed,

It met and spoke to the new pots

The rose and the aloe vera,

Afresh it discovered itself.

Change was hard,

But time healed.

Rain poured and the sun beamed,

Now the jade is growing back,

Lush new leaves, glowing and smiling

Wishing all well for

Its old and new mates!

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