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The Never-Ending Darkness- A Depressive Episode

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

A poem by Aarthy

Alone , hopeless , I have nobody;

Tears flow down my cheeks , lonely as never before; Burning my dry cheeks, painful, no one

To wipe them off...

They don't ask me, involuntary well up

And overflow (helpless again) ,

For they only know all the unspoken words;

Tears O' tears , didn't get warmth in others, Compassion uh! Annoyance they trigger ....

Souls I thought mine, have let me down,

Buried me alone;

As much as I try to prove to myself,

than to others;

That I am loved and have million lovers ,

That these tears make me realise the truth.

I am weeping to myself,

I just don't , don't want this day to usher.

I like this , my blanket;

I just love to be here, all day;

Wrapped in myself, all by myself....

Still out of somewhere, in this darkness,

Of sorrow ....

Enthusiasm and will light up a spark ,

( ultimately to be washed away by these tears )

God, my only hope, save me,

Before this depressive darkness,

Engulfs me , completely.....

Desperately not wanting to be desperate

I demand love, empathy from this universe; Some kindness, some compassion;

Oh! This spark wants to believe....

Better days would come....

Prove me right...O' world;

Before the spark is swayed off again,

Buy my constant dear Tears......

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