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The Mirror

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

a poem by Aishwarya Raviganesh

the mirror shows me,

a portrait of poise,

and it better,

after all,

the way you look,

is all they'll ever look at and

I've learned the key-

here's what to wear & why

*one: a close-lipped smile,

because you must be,


with your thoughts,

*two: just enough skin,

so you have a reason to justify both,

the stares,

and the glares.

*three: hair that's tied up,

and out of the way,

just like you should be.

*four: a simple little accessory,

that'll get their attention,

but not their ego,

*five: never too much makeup,

they like you better "all natural",


I must warn you,


that insubordination pays heavily.

so hide your self-worth before they come knocking,

and snatch away the one thing,

that you dared to keep.

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