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Take a Chill Pill! 

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

You are a postman. One of the days when you are delivering your parcel you come across this weird path. You go down it in order to do your job.

Everything is going fine. You see the letterbox. But for some reason you don't reach it. You keep going and going and realise you are just going in circles and you are all alone.

In this situation if you add in a human in the picture and there is a slight possibility that this person could help you wouldn't you as a rational human being take this chance?

When you have OCD you are that postman and drugs could be that person who might help.

Drugs in general have side effects and these vary according to the composition of it and the way your body functions. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or anti depressants are some drugs that are prescribed during treatment for anxiety and obsessive disorders and they do have side effects (LIKE LITERALLY EVERY MEDICINE EVER BECAUSE CHEMICALS) but sometimes they do help in the process of recovery.

For far too long there has been a stigma surrounding medication for mental disorders and while I agree that one must be cautious most of these fears are quite baseless. Medication is a big step because it actually causes a chemical reaction in your body and brings in substances but I urge people to look into the benefits it could offer if taken after careful consideration.

Sometimes you need that happy little pill and you need help and it's okay. One has to experience it and see if it works out for them because if it does there is unfathomable amount of peace that it could bring.

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