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Splash of Water on Spark

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

a poem by Aarthy Iyengar

I fondly look back and

remember that Sparkle,

that lit up the eyes.

chirping and dancing,

away to glory...

When stuck by a truck,

that shook it’s world.

No school, took in the Spark,

out of the fear that it would

light up and burn.

The little spark, nonetheless was

running there, jumping here.

“Sit and study, sit and draw,

sleep peacefully, let me too”,

used to say his Momma,

with teared eyes.

“Such a useless fella’

burden on the head”

said the daddy with worried eyes.

“He doesn’t write, neither

does he let the others write,

such a naughty buddy,

makes me feel giddy”,

complained the teacher with

annoyed eyes.

It was when, Dr. Waters,

the Doc of Mind, used the eyes

to “see” the spark.

Grabbed and rushed, his Momma

to the doc, Spark was made

to gulp down a block.

Everything changed.

It was hard to see the Spark

diminish, crumble and lay down,

lying with hands on the belly.

The spark stopped growing and glowing

Waters ordered, “go there, run back, get that in” ,

exhausted the spark would blow off.

Momma would stand by and smile.

Smile and Cry.

Months passed, years passed, decades passed;

here sits Mr. Spark with legs crossed.

Pen in the hand, hand on the paper,

fondly looking back and remembering,

a tale his own.

The heroic tale of perseverance,

of his and the Momma.

Writing out a letter to the world

Asking it to never,

Never, ever give up .

Advising to seek the doc.

Cos’ then, Waters did not blow off the spark

but took it and lit it in a

colourful lamp and cured the dark.

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