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Pretty Yellow Flowers

'Pretty Yellow Flowers' is about finding constancy in the little things. It is about seeking happiness in small things and clinging onto them for the little warmth and comfort they provide, it is also about coming to terms that change is going to be difficult but is the law of nature. It certainly isn’t about not feeling sad but is about acknowledging and coping with it.

When everything seems arbitrary and impermanent, I find happiness in the smallest of things - flowers outside my window, or a sunny day. I hope that this poem resonates with you and I hope that you find the beauty in places most of us often forget to appreciate :)

I thought all of it was fleeting.

Happiness that showed up for a minute,

People that stayed for a second,


Until I found the Earth,

The sand between my toes,

The pretty yellow flowers that grow,

Outside my window,

I was unwilling to believe,

That it was anything but fleeting.

The smallest things become the most important.

The rain that came,

The sun that reigned.

The World around me is always moving,

So how could anything be permanent?

I wake up each day,

Happy to find the same yellow flowers,

The same green grass,

And the same chirping birds.

The little things that stay,

Take me all the way.

A little constancy,

In a place full of dreams,


And promises,

That are fleeting.

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