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New Year Catch up

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Hello everyone!! Hope you all had a wonderful winter break. I hope that you all are keeping safe and healthy. Happy New Year!!

In today’s article, I will be mentioning some things that I have learnt in the past year and my goals for this year! This is just a collection of my personal thoughts.

Things I learnt in 2020:

1. Mental health is a priority.

2. Keeping in touch with friends and family is important for overall well- being.

3. Creating and following a schedule is essential to get things done on time.

4. Just like mental health, physical health should also be prioritized.

My goals for 2021:

1. Write insightful articles for Liberate’s blog!

2. Campaign for mental health awareness!

3. Follow a particular schedule.

4. Keep in touch with my friends and family and ask them about their health!

5. Be a better human-being!

This is all I have for this week! I plan to write an article on OCD or Depression in my blog post!

Take care,

Dipeeta Das Mukherjee

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