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Movies: A path to mending your soul

It’s safe to say that Netflix is my best friend. Movies are something that always manages to comfort me. Sometimes, I like to watch light-hearted series or content that I can relate to just so I know that I’m not alone. It reassures me and gives me hope that things will be okay in the end.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, so here’s my little letter of movie recommendations to you. A letter in hopes of giving you comfort and solace.

  1. Silver Lining’s Playbook- This list would be incomplete if I didn’t include this masterpiece. This movie redefines the meaning of terms like “Crazy”, “Screwed up” That society so easily throws at people suffering from mental health issues. The protagonists of the movie suffer from Bipolar disorder. It shows glimpses of a dysfunctional family and is a very well-made movie. It also talks about how individuals shouldn’t be judged upon their It doesn’t exaggerate the effects of mental health issues and shows it without any glamour.

  2. As Good as it gets- This Golden Globe Award winner movie beautifully portrays how it is like to suffer from OCD. The acting is true-to-life extremely touching. In the movie, the male protagonist is a sexist and homophobic man that suffers from OCD who eventually falls in love with a waitress. Later on, he forms an uncanny bond with a dog that eventually helps him grow into a better person. It has a wonderful ending that I shall leave for you to discover.

  3. Short term 12- Along with an excellent cast, this phenomenal has an amazing storyline. This movie is brutally realistic and talks about the pressures one faces as an adolescent. The movie talks about child abuse, PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues and the plot is definitely a tear-jerker. The story revolves around kids in a group home that struggles with various psychological issues and depicts a powerful message that no matter what life throws at you, you will be okay and that life goes on.

That’s it for now! All these movies come with a silver lining that they are all extremely heart-warming and will definitely lift up your spirits when you feel dispirited.

Don’t forget to comment which movie helped you cope with hard times :)

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