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Just for the night

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

poem by Aishwarya

if you'd like,

we could make believe,

hide in the dark,

and live in pretence,

just for the night.

or if you'd prefer,

we could bleed,

or burn,

let it bruise,

and feel it all,

just for the night.

and if you'd let me,

I'd help you heal,

watch you fly,

feel you glow,

do it all,

just for the night.

oh won't you take my hand?

just for the night.

I know the time is never right ,

but won't you stay around?

just for the night.

I know it seems hard,

but maybe we could be alright?

just for the night.

(sometimes constancy seems like the only way to cope and sometimes feeling every knocking emotion and letting it wash over you is another. this poem is about both. it's about living life a step at a time. it's about uplifting people and making a friend of yourself.

I hope this makes you want to befriend yourself too

- aishwarya)

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