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Irresistible Perfection

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

By Aarthy Iyengar

"Tap,tap'' that's two time, get me bad luck.. So one more tap...

Blink, a single blink , will cause me death, So again I blink...

Every step holds me back , hinders Me moving forward.

I see my hands, feel the bugs, Crawling over.

I rush to the sink wash it, yet it won't go off. Oh! This annoying thought,

Whether the door's locked,

Won't let me sleep in little peace.

This is painful, this is distressing, While world is running ahead of me, Here I am stuck, lining my stuff...

Sometimes I just want my clothes to fall on me When I open my wardrobe...

I like to be , want to be you , you..

Who can explore the new;

I want to be dirty , filthy , clumsy.. You may laugh at me,

For once I don't want to follow The rules, the schedules... Things that you don't see,

Umm! maybe shape of the paste on your brush, Haunts me..

You wish to be perfect.

I desperately need to be IMPERFECT!...

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