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Interview with Soumita Kundu

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you all are keeping safe and healthy. It feels great to be back

again after a short gap due to personal reasons.

I had some time to self-reflect on a few topics in the last month. One such topic is mental health. While I have seen my relatives or friends enquiring about my physical health on

every visit, none of them have ever asked about my mental health- whether I am

under stress or having anxiety issues. Honestly, I have never asked my friends about their mental health either. This struck me.

I decided to focus my blogs on interviewing people to get their perspective on their mental health journey.

Today’s interviewee is Ms. Soumita Kundu. Ms. Kundu is an aspiring dancer, mental

health activist and college student. She has experienced depression and anxiety in the past, and she is eager to reflect on her journey and share her insights.

1. How would you reflect on your journey?

A: I have had my shares of problems. I have seen people suffering from it, as well.

The weird panic attacks, the sudden anxiety attacks - these are really terrible.

People who have suffered know that depression is not consistent. It doesn't stay

with us always, it comes in the most unusual way. It had happened with me; I was

traveling in a bus and then suddenly tears started rolling down and I realized that I

had started crying. I quickly gathered myself up and combatted my attack.

2. Do you think mental health awareness is very important especially during a



A: Yes, definitely. In a state where we all are locked inside our home it is very

important to have a proper mental health. Mental illness and wellness, both matters

a lot. 

3. Why should we prioritise mental health?

A: To maintain a stable lifestyle. To lead a healthy life. To have a peaceful mind and

focused mind. To have a healthy and a wealthy lifestyle. 

4. What are the best ways according to you that can be used to combat mental

health better?

A: Communication. I think, communication is the key. And, finding what we love the

most is crucial. People might judge us for being us, doing whatever we like..... but we

shouldn't think about all these much. Investing the time is doing something that we

love, is very important. Me Time is extremely important. 

Ms. Kundu is trying her best to take some time off from her commitments so that she

can share her story in detail. I hope that I can share her perspective on mental health

awareness and her journey in detail to you very soon.

Till then, take care and stay healthy!

- Dipeeta

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