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In plain sight

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

a poem by Aishwarya Raviganesh

if what you see is what's real,

and if what's real is only what you can see, blur those lines,

and an artist you can be.

open up that box,

and let out your most sinister thoughts, do you have anywhere else to be?

you know they're calling out your name because you were never made,

to sit,

or to settle,

but only to ruminate,

let your mind roam free, and an artist you can be.

they'll never see it coming; "oh that'll never happen!" why?

is it not meant to be?

is it so plainly fiction, that you cannot see?

the truth is,

we create fiction,

and we control our reality,

so who's to say that the two can't cross boundaries?

(this quarantine has been understandably rough for us all but I think we can try our best to mold our feelings and thoughts into art. I hope this poem inspires you to come up with something of your own!

let's stay home, stay safe and be kind to ourselves x - aishwarya)

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