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  • Himani Choudhary

Confused Rainbows

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Sexuality is a spectrum. It is very personal and the only person who can truly understand it is the person themselves. Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is when an individual stops understanding their own sexuality and this non-understanding becomes an obsessive thought. Homosexual OCD is when a person starts questioning their own sexuality so much that it becomes important for them to find an "objective truth". The problem lies in the fact that sexuality isn't that easy. It isn't a box but a free flowing all encompassing spectrum. Persons with Homosexual OCD consider the smallest signs like minor attraction to persons of a gender they are not supposed to be attracted to, very seriously. They obsessive over it and then starts their compulsive behaviour. They keep trying ways to reaffirm their originally identified sexuality. This is found especially in adolescents who are new to the whole sexual awakening. Most cases of reported Homosexual OCD or Sexual Orientation OCD is among heterosexual persons who start fearing the prospect of being homosexual. Homosexual persons too suffer from this disease and it is sometimes a bigger deal for them especially when they have been brave and come out to the entire world. This type of OCD is a crisis or a malfunction in the brain's understanding of the sexual identity and not one of the identity in itself. Hence, it is very important to distinguish the fact that the problem in Homosexual OCD is the OCD and not the Homosexual. Most treatments for the cases have been exposure therapy and revolve around helping people understand the intricacies of their sexuality and laws of attraction in order to equip them to fight their obsessions and not act on their compulsions. During this period it is important for loved ones to remain supportive, this may be through the black, white, the grey in between or the rainbow right across the top.

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