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40 Reasons Why Suicide is not an Option

TW: Mentions of Suicide, Death, and Trauma

Suicide. This is a term we heard extensively last year. It came into light after what happened with the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Whatever his reason for taking such a big step is still unknown but what I do know is that suicide is not the option. The actor must be going through something terrible that drove him to do this. Just like 800,000 people that pass away from suicide every year.

It would be greatly inhuman to say that what happened to them was just because they weren’t “brave” enough to handle it. They might be driven to do this because “They had no other choice” and that they felt it was easier than enduring the hardships they were facing. Although, the stars do shine the brightest when it’s dark.

So, I’m here to tell you that there are 40 reasons why you shouldn’t take this major step.

  1. It would break your parents and siblings

  2. Your best friend will miss you greatly

  3. Your pets will feel empty and will be devoid of their owner

  4. You get to tell your story and inspire others struggling with the same thing as you

  5. You can seek a therapist and get professional help which will help you over time.

  6. You get to travel the world and do things you’d never be able to do if you took the step.

  7. You get to graduate and go to college or start work!

  8. You get to marry and have your own children

  9. You’d miss out on the beauty of nature and art

  10. When new music comes out, you get to scream your heart out while singing it with your best friends

  11. You could fangirl/fanboy over the new K- pop group

  12. You get to enjoy new movies

  13. You get to read more!

  14. Maybe you might even get to meet your idols

  15. Because cute animals exist and you don’t wanna miss out on the opportunity to see them in person now do you?

  16. You get to be an inspiration

  17. FOOD!!

  18. Because your first kiss is yet to happen

  19. You’re too beautiful

  20. Because you’re SO smart

  21. You’re important to the world

  22. Someone has to count the stars

  23. Your birthday will come again and that’s always fun

  24. HUGS!

  25. For your favorite holiday!

  26. You might get to meet your virtual best friend

  27. Chocolate!

  28. Because life is crazy but also fun

  29. Watching your pets and siblings grow up

  30. Eating your favorite food

  31. Because sleeping is so much fun

  32. You learn something new every day

  33. To laugh your ass off with your friends

  34. To dance in the rain

  35. To do your favorite hobby every day

  36. Warm baths!

  37. Campfires

  38. Long drives!

  39. Dancing with your best friend

  40. To learn new choreographies and artwork.

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