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Explore the features of Liberate: My OCD Fighter in more detail!


Enter your Obsessions

Add what obsessive thoughts bother you and make you anxious and analyze them.

  • If you can't define your obsession, see if any of the obsession from our categorized and detailed list matches with what you experience

  • Add specific tips to fight each of your obsessions

  • Enter potential triggers of these obsessive thoughts

  • Learn more about what exactly obsessions are

Add your Compulsions

Enter your compulsions and keep track of how many you do a day, while observing your progress!

  • Add specific compulsions to your existing obsessions

  • Keep track of how many compulsions you do per day

  • See how you've progressed in terms of number of compulsions

  • Enter specific tips for resisting your compulsive urges


Diary Entries

Add private diary entries for any day or event

  • Enter your mood

  • Add a list of your emotions

  • Compile all of your diary entries in a systematic and organized manner

Set Goals

Look into your future and determine what you want from it.

  • Add short-term, medium-term and long-term goals

  • Strike them out systematically when you accomplish any of them

  • Motivate yourself to fight your anxiety


Fear Ladder

Create your own Fear Ladder of triggers for each of your obsessive thoughts, and perform exposure exercises to normalize the triggers for each

  • Make an organized list of the triggers of your obsessive thoughts and the degree of anxiety they cause

  • Perform exposure exercises by recording yourself, writing down or exposing yourself directly to your triggers

  • Observe your progress of the minutes spent on these exercises 

  • Normalize the triggers of your obsessive thoughts

Resisting your Compulsions

Manipulate your compulsions: let your OCD know that it has no control over you.

  • Change your compulsions by frequency and order

  • Postpone your compulsions by focusing on an activity that you enjoy

  • Shorten/retard the time spent on your compulsions


Thought Analysis

Perform CBT exercises on the app and analyze your thought processes

  • Use well-known and effective cognitive-behavioral techniques

  • Analyze the workings behind your thought process

  • Determine how to solve the fractured thought process caused by OCD

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