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Get to know more about us and our story.

Our Story

I came up with the idea to make this app from my own experience with OCD. The tracking of compulsions and seeing my progress was especially difficult during times of elevated anxiety, as I would have had to write down how many times I did a compulsion, why and when. However, at this time, it would seem like too much of a hindrance, going to my room, unlocking my diary, and writing down my thoughts. It seemed to be easier to just finish the compulsion and end it there and then. But doing this never worked- it just contributed to the vicious cycle that is OCD. Opening my phone, and just pressing a button would have been so much easier, and the short time it takes to do that would have actually been a motivator to stop the compulsion. In addition, the gathering of resources to learn more in the height of my OCD felt very difficult and irrelevant to me. I wanted a short, fast solution that would automatically fix my OCD. I now realize that my logic was flawed, but came up with a way to get around this problem. A simple app- with all of the important features needed to effectively track compulsions, judge your thoughts by their true nature, perform exposure-response prevention exercises and set goals for different time frames. So, using the tools at my disposal, I set about to create it.

~Kaajal Gupta


Liberate: My OCD Fighter brings to you an easy way to conquer one's anxieties from the comfort of home. In a virtual setting designed to put the user at ease, this app complements the aid received from their specialist. It takes therapy out of the confines of a therapist’s office.


With a user-friendly interface and a simple, functional design, the app provides a platform for the user to manage their OCD in an effective way. The physical features of the app, designed entirely by 14-20-year-old students, allow for a graphic and interactive experience for the users, thus creating a space to easily fight compulsions.


The app helps the user learn more about OCD, providing information about the causes and types of OCD and methods to combat it. It offers features to track the user’s compulsions, building an environment suitable to control their OCD. Controlling OCD for the long-term is done using various ways to resist and weaken compulsions, including scheduling of a worry-time for users, controlling of compulsions, creating a fear ladder, setting of goals and connecting with their therapist through the app.


Liberate: My OCD Fighter is an all-in-one app that connects the user's compulsions, obsessions, personal goals and thoughts to their specialist-advised therapy. It makes for a planned resolution of your anxieties and is designed to generate more positive thoughts and emotions.


The app helps users realize feasible and implementable solutions to their anxieties, using clinically proven techniques and modern methods of combating OCD.

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